9 thoughts on “Dance Preview”

    1. Hi Jack! we have only had 1 session! so all dancers have done really well so far!
      Get involved with dance there are alot of local clubs you can go to. Come
      and see me if you want more information.

  1. WOW! You`s are all amazing I can`t pick any falts it fits the music so well. I can`t believe you are all that good already and I am sure you have alot more rehearsals so you`s are going to be AMAZING!
    From Eve.

  2. I’m having a great time doing the dance last week when miss jones left Mr Cowen made us do the dance like 7 times it was hard but fun at the same time we are going to look so good I hope! I think we’ve got a good chance at winning!

  3. I can’t wait till we go on stage Imthink we will look fabulous! It’s a shame miss Jones can’t come since she choragraphed the dance routine and put all together.

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