Year 5/6 Quick sticks Tournament

Mr cowans class played quick sticks against Mrs Turners class in a tournament today! Some excellent hockey skills and team work, well done to everyone involved! The results are below!
1st Mrs turner- team 1
2nd Mrs turner-team 2
3rd Mr Cowan – team 1

Photo of winning team below:

The players of the tournament are below:

Some more photos to enjoy!

Year 3 & 4 Netball Tournament

Mr Flood and Mrs Mulhollands class played against each other in a netball tournament, all teams played extremely well and the competition level was high !
The overall postion teams are below:

1st – Mrs Mulholland team 4
2nd – Mr Flood team 5
3rd – Mrs Mulholland team 6

The players of the tournaments are in the pictures below!



The winning team is below! well done to all children in that team


Team Games Results

This weeks team game was dodgeball which all children really enjoyed! Overall results are below! well done Chimpy champs:

Sportletics – 52 points
Chimpy Champs – 53 points
Brock the dogs – 54 points
Original Spirits – 41 points